Reasons to use Video Marketing for eCommerce

Video marketing for eCommerce

Individuals of this generation have exorbitantly adapted to the usage of smartphones. From traversing conversations to traversing payments smartphones have become the most “accessed” machine across the globe. This pandemic has given an even bigger boost to its usage. So, it is natural for people, specifically with entrepreneurship skills, to strategize some way of selling or promoting through an accessible place. Promoting a product that you sell can vehemently escalate its merchandise. A good entrepreneur uses quality marketing tactics to engage with the consumers on a deep level.

In this age of digitalization, advertising, promoting, and marketing of a product generally are done in forums where people at mass are expected to log in. Most notable of them are Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and many more. Facebook alone shows almost 7.76 billion videos every day. Displaying the customer, what products your business offers or sells, is a very important aspect known as marketing. Marketing can be done digitally in mainly 2 ways, through posters or pictures and by posting videos online or via a TV advertisement. Although images tell us how the products in general are, a video gives a detailed description of how it works and what is it used for.

Video marketing for eCommerce

Video marketing can be explained simply as a way to show your customers what products your business sells by posting videos online. Digital platforms like social media runs posted videos from several pages to their users. An e-commerce business gains acknowledgment by having a social media marketing campaign.

Marketing by running videos is not exactly new. Television ads do it from way back in the 70s. Although they were not cheap, companies used to spend quite extravagant amounts to run those commercials. Nowadays, video marketing has become a lot more convenient and cost-effective. Anyone with a little pinch of creativity can make a tape that will attract customers indefinitely. As it happens, there are surveys that show marketing through online video is more fruitful than any other way.

Significance of Video Marketing

Videos paint clear pictures of its contents. This makes the user aware of your enterprise or brand name, the products you can provide, their usage, and productivity. Around 93% of viewers tells that videos help them make a better judgment on whether to buy an item. The thing is since consumers cannot probe the merchandise directly, visual representation plays a principal role in their decision-making. From smaller to larger business enterprises usage of video in their marketing strategies has taken a hike since 2017. In 2018, Facebook reported over a 90% increase in customers for the videos on their platform.

Statistics show that around 80% of total users watch videos weekly, and over 65% daily. There remains little uncertainty that videos mold the manner that helps your clients to engage in a more informative way. In the landing media, it gets more than 80% in conversion rate. A hint of a video in an email also increases the chance of its opening up to 20%.

Benefits of Video Marketing for eCommerce

While images with better resolution bring in many customers, videos make them more attractive and effective. More than 95% of users have seen a video of a product before buying. The more interactive the video would be the more it will draw new clients. Video contents generally get a lot of traffic, which helps build up the revenue. People from different regions get attracted to the brand. It improves chances for better website ranking.

Any eCommerce business aims to build a strategy that will help them stay at the loftiest position in the search engine results. The position is to be better when people spend more time on your business websites. Videos are most effective in drawing focus and expanding the surfing time. Studies reveal that video content helps aggravate 85% more time of an internet user, which is approx. six times longer.

Video updates let your client or would-be clients be more suited to your products. It also gives assurance and generates faith in the brand. This helps the brand to grow and extend its reach. Videos connect people on a different level, it can even connect with the laziest person. Videos also help to update the viewers with the ongoing discounts and offers.

People appreciate business affairs if they are relatively modern. Offering videos show the pertinence of the product to the buyer. It gathers spectators from many different backgrounds or statuses. Due to the latest technologies, there are many different ways of making a video rather than the conventional method. Entrepreneurs can post stories, make live videos, apply filters, and many more.

Video marketing helps attract most mobile users. It is because people usually view videos through smartphones and an increase in the usage of smartphones has proportionately increased the viewership of videos.

Different Types of videos for marketing

Having a little grasp of what customers want in a video is very important. This will help create many different videos for all the different products offered. Some of the different types of videos are:

Bottom Line

Video Marketing has tons of benefits with very few consequences. It provides many opportunities to increase the business of an enterprise. Since most people find it preferable to watch a video than to read, it is expected to influence the decisions of most customers for a very long time. It is kind of the puissant mode of marketing for e-commerce. Videos can engage by calling up emotions and understanding a concept better. The effectiveness of video marketing can help to promote any business industry.

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