17 Insurance Marketing ideas, tips, and Strategies

Insurance marketing Ideas, Tips and Strategies

Insurance Marketing is a process that refers to dealing with customer services and leads to profit generation from marketing the insurance. Insurance Marketers seek methods to attract more customers. An Insurance company brings in innovative insurance marketing techniques to survive in this competitive market. It aims to focus on the right perspective of the business. To meet supply and demand and fulfill the targets of a certain organization, Marketing plays a vital role. Insurance marketing can be a tough job as insurance products are based on pledges. It requires confidence to meet the belief of customer orientation. But in today’s technologically modernized world,

Insurance Marketing shouldn’t be a challenge anymore. The amalgamation of traditional and digital marketing is of great help. The best insurance marketing ideas, tips, and strategies for an insurance organization help you to communicate with the audience, building a rapport with them and making them understand its value of it.

Best Insurance Marketing Ideas

Here are 17 insurance marketing ideas that will help you outgrow in the industry.

Social media marketing

In today’s digital world, Social media marketing plays a key role in every business. The business needs to be promoted or is promoted by using social media platforms and websites. It is quite a popular platform for the promotion of different services and products. Social media help insurance businesses to reach new audiences/customers through ads. Social media platforms also serve as tracking tools. It involves an in-built data analytics tool that helps the companies/organization to track the progress, success, and engagement of ad campaigns and also target specific audiences based on their demographics, interests, and behavior. The ads help the audience to reach your brand. It even tracks the customer databases. The online media’s ability to reach billions across the globe is a powerful source for any kind of promotion. It forms a direct relationship between the individuals which helps to promote more easily. Social media Influencer marketing is also one of the best insurance marketing strategies that aim to get higher exposure and branding.

Referral Program

A referral program is one of the strongest insurance marketing ideas. The value of a referred customer is higher than a non-referred one. A referral program offers the existing customer to get a reward for every policyholder they bring in. The reward may include cashback, discount, gift card, or anything valuable to the customer. This also helps to increase the customer base of an insurance marketer.

Online Reviews

Reviews play a key role for the audience and have an effective result. People follow online reviews before buying a product. Online reviews on business websites can help you to develop business integrity and reliability. Any form of reviews like phone calls, SMS, or email can help you pull in leads. Both positive and negative reviews can act as an advantage. Follow up with the customers with negative reviews and redress their issues. This can act as a positive impact on the audience and can also help to build an online reputation.


It is said, ‘First impression is the last impression’. In this insurance marketing industry. The website of the insurance company or the organization matters to the audience. A website with quality content can make a great impression. Recreate and improve your business website to attract an audience. Fill your websites with detailed information about each and every policy and its benefits. Include Text-based or video-based case studies and testimonials to prove its authenticity.

Lead magnets

This marketing strategy uses high-intent leads contact information in exchange for a free offer. Some of the lead magnet ideas are Insurance policy checklists, Insurance calculators, Case studies, e-books, webinars, etc.

Business cards

It is one of the oldest and most traditional marketing ideas. In this, your business contact information is directly distributed to the audience. Business cards can be easily distributed through local magazines and newspaper vendors, by exchanging cards at events, by collaborating with other business partners, and in industry-based places.

Sponsor events

To get higher exposure, sponsoring events can be an effective way. Also, sponsor local charity events in collaboration with your insurance business to get highlighted. Deliver a speech at the events and share your knowledge of the industry.


Collaborate with local businesses to enhance the branding of the organization. A partnership in business involves a give and take policy. The partnership may be a referral-based program.

Guerrilla Marketing

This strategy helps to increase brand identity within the community. This strategy involves promoting business by utilizing billboards, footpaths, flyers, posters, stickers, etc.

Networking groups

Popular In-person or virtual networking events like business meetings, workshops, conferences, etc may help to create and develop relationships beyond exchanging business cards. It helps to make direct contact or connections with the audience.

Press releases

Build relationships with the right journalists for business branding. It can lead to access to a list of high-profile contacts in the media. Hire a PR professional to write high-quality articles about your business-sponsored events.

Email marketing

Email detailed information about insurance and its benefits. This can increase the chances of engagement of the audience. Promote your insurance business through emails. Attach contact information and links to the website. Personalize the emails that will help to attract an audience.

Webinar and Podcasts

These strategies are the most advanced forms of marketing ideas. It works as a productive tool to enlighten the audience with the offerings. It also helps to share detailed information about the insurance industry.

Live videos

This is also an advanced and authentic way of insurance marketing. It highlights the face behind the brand. Live videos can be done through different social media platforms.


Search engine optimization helps to optimize your business website making it more valuable. Search engines are optimized by using the right keywords, developing a social media presence, etc. Take your website to a higher level of search results by acquiring a combination of ON page and OFF page SEO techniques. Insert blogs, meta titles, meta descriptions, quality content, and backlinks.

TV Ads

TV ads enhance marketing strategies. It’s a great way to channel detailed information about the insurance industry and its marketing. Advertisements can help you reach millions of people globally.


This is also a strategized way for insurance marketing ideas. Postcard distribution with the help of a professional printing company can be very much effective. 

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